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Vidtel Video calling : Get Phone service with Video

Vidtel Video Calling : video Phones
People have of America have one more video phone service for them. If you have been just accustomed to normal phones and traditional calling then its time to switch to voip and start the experience of video calls.

Vidtel is offering phone calling service with video feature basically video calling. Vidtel service completely risk free to try.

Some other features -:
Keep your phone number
See people important to you
Get video calls & video mail
Save money and get more
Regular phone calls included

Vidtel unlimited video calling plan for north America cost you $450/year. Verizon provides the same at $600 per year. So its saving of $150 per year with Vidtel.

The Vidtel service offers everything your traditional phone service does and more. With standard service, vidtel give you what you expect from your telephone service as well as additional features FREE like :
Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Call Blocking, Speed Dial & more, with no additional charges.

You use your Vidtel video calling service features just like a regular phone service. Vidtel’s calling service has all the features your regular phone service has plus video calls, video mail and more.

A good video/voice calling service. Now its the age of Video Phones.

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