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Nolimittelecom : Connect to Nigeria free via France Access number

NolimitTelecom : Free calls via access number
Another voip provider named No-limit-telecom is offering access number dialing which you can make calls to so many countries. Yes you can make free calls to Nigeria, India, Bahrain, and countries below.

Fixed phones Albania, Angola, Botswana, Kuwait, Montenegro, Laos, Norway, Paraguay, Reunion, Bolivia, Burundi, Cyprus, El Salvador, Gabon, Honduras, Jordan, Zambia, Iraq, Ecuador, Georgia, Saudi Arabia , Bulgaria, Guinea, Uruguay.

This way you can make free calls from france to different countries (choice of your - your destination). And if you don't live in France then need not to worry, you can use voip to connect to France access number and then your calls to Nigeria will be connected.

Via the direct access number 0811 65 48 48.

Enjoy Free voip phone calls from France (Via direct local access number).
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