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FedEx Mobile Application for iPhone

FedEx mobile Application for iPhone.
Do you regularly use Fed-ex for your courier service and you want the tracking into your phone.

Fedex has launched their application for iPhone. FedEx Mobile for iPhone provides up-to-date shipment tracking information. You have to just input your FedEx tracking number and you can quickly retrieve the status of your shipment.

Shipments that you have sent using FedEx Ship Manager, added to My FedEx or tracked with FedEx Desktop may also be viewed and managed via your iPhone. You can also personalize your view by nicknaming shipments, adding notes or creating a watch list for monitoring important shipments.

- Create a shipping label while you are on-site helping a client.
- Access your Address Book.
- Get a rate quote easily and quickly.
- Sign up for shipment notifications.

Download the Fedex Mobile application from Apple iPhone store.
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