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Cheap call rate to India by Indiaminutes

Indiaminutes wholesale price to call India
Indiaminutes, a voip venture by Telecents communication is offering very cheap calls to India. By paying just 1.9ents/min for India mobile, you can talk from USA to India at such cheap rates.

Indiaminutes claims to offer voip calls at wholesale rates. They say that no middle man is involved which indeed saves you money. Indiaminutes is also offering 100% moneyback schemes.

1. Register with Indiaminutes.
2. Dial local access number (USA number)
3. Your call will be connected at cheap rate.

As the access number is US only, Indiaminutes is suitable for USA people only. That too, as Indiaminutes don't have a big name in voip industry its better to satisfy yourself (to prevent voip fraud) before buying any credit with them.

Indiaminutes has included a customer service number on their website. Its better to talk to customer care and clear your doubts, then only buy credit.

Some features of IndiaMinutes:
No confusing plans
Rates include all taxes and fees
No expiration
No additional charges of any kind
PINless dialing
Auto recharge

Enjoy calls to India at wholesale price by Indiaminutes.
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November 6, 2012 at 1:04 AM

I wanted to know how to make cheapest way to Call India from US and cut the cost of my phone bills.

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