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CallingAmerica : Free voip calls to America (USA)

Free Calls to America
Voip has changed the way we make calls. Now you need not to pay heavy for your local and international phone calls. By making Voip phone calls, you can save a lot on your phone bills (its actually a international phone bill saver).

Few days back, someone mailed me asking the way to make free calls to America. Actually I was very much surprised by it. USA was the among the very first countries adapting voip. There are more than hundred voip providers offering free calls to USA/Canada, and those who don't offer free calls to America offer these calls at a very very cheap rate.

We too have discussed lot many working ways to make free voip phone calls to USA, Canada, Pakistan, India.

Another voio provider offering absolutely free calls to USA is
Callingamerica is offering free PC to Phone calls to America in liue of advertisement. Yeah Ad based voip system has grown big with lot many voip providers adapting to ad based voip. is a launch by Goober network. By using it you can make free calls to any landline or mobile phone in America and Canada. It uses Flash web based voip application (need not to download anything).

To make calls, simply go to their website and register with them (this will give you a longer duration phone call).

Now enter a phone number, and click the FreeCall now button.

You'll be presented with a captcha code which you must enter to prove you are human.

Then, you'll see an ad and a short countdown (15s or less) before you can initiate the call.

After the countdown, the Flash application confirms your microphone source and your call will get connected.

The call quality is good considering it is absolutely free service. So, guys just keep a note of Callingamerica and use it whenever you want to place a free call to your loved one in USA/Canada.
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April 11, 2014 at 3:22 PM

Thanks for this publish. I find it hard to track down good answers out there when it comes to this subject matter.Thanks for the review!

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