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Mycantos offering free sms to India anywhere


Recently there has been lot of development in social networking sites. Many people still live in world of facebook and orkut, though I guess they are the best but there are lot more soial networking and dating sites. Many of these social networking sites have incorporated some addtional featurs besdies scraping, albums, profile etc. One of the coolest features added to orkut, is Free sms feature by Mycantos.

Mycantos itself is a social networking site, but the coolest part about is that one can send unlimited number of free sms to anywhere in India directly from the internet. Communication via sms has always been a popular thing. The web is full of websites offering Free internet sms'es, but I guess many are limited to 3-5 sms per day.

To send free sms to anywhere in India, one just needs to register with Mycantos. After that one can send free sms directly from their website. The sms can be about 80 characters long which is followed by a small 60 -80 character advertisement. I guess no one minds about the advertisement as long as they are getting it free.

I have tried the service, and even I use it quite regularly. The sms reach its destinations within few seconds. You can give it a try.
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