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There's a popular advertisement in Indian television, something like mom mobile, dad mobile, sis mobile, bro mobile etc etc. What they actually wants to convey is that everyone in India now owns a mobiles. Actually the story is quite big, a large number of people in world own a Mobile.

But how many of you use Internet on your mobile, how many of you use Voip in your mobile. I know not many, atleast a very few in India.

You may know a lot of PC websites, but how many mobile websites do you know which fit on to your mobile screen. Now you have a chance to build a mobile webiste (thats actually fits to your mobile small screen). And hey its absolutely free.

You need not to a full geek to make a mobile website, Zinadoo is offering free mobiles websites, and tools to create it. You will get something like (free....!!)

It just takes few minutes to build your own mobile website. Zinadoo also offers free text credits, chance to own a .mobi site.
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