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Magicjack : Free calls to USA & Canada from anywhere in world


Magicjack is a device which can help you make free calls from any Phone to any Phone in USA and Canada. Let me put this in question answer format.

Q1. What is Magicjack.
Ans. Magicjack is a simple device which connect to USB port of your computer, use internet (broadband) connection. You just plug the phone line into Magicjack and then call any phone in USA and Canada absolutely free. You use your normal landline phone to talk.

Q2. What all things apart from Magicjack do I require to make free calls.
Ans. You just require a computer with Internet connection, a regular phone and Magicjack.

Q3. Which all countries can I call with Magicjack. And are these calls free.
Ans. You can make absolutely free calls to USA and Canada from anywhere in world. And yes, call calls are free, you don't need to pay a penny.

Q4. I was wondering, if I give this device to my parents in India (or Pakistan or Cuba) and they call me using this device for free. Is this really possible.
Ans. Yes it is. It is quite possible to make absolutely free calls from India to USA using this device. You can gift Magicjack to your parents in India. Magicjack can be used anywhere in world. Your parents can then call you for free. Talk as long as you like.

Q5. Yes, I think I have heard of it. But I guess it was a negative review.
Ans. Well, everything has two faces. One bad but one good too. Much like every other thing, you will get mixed response for this device. Many liked the device and are using it sucessfully to make free calls to USA. If you are planning to gift it to your parents in India, then I guess you should try it as the device ani't any costly, this will help you save a lot of money.

Q6. Ok, I think I'll buy it. From where can I get Magicjack and how much does it cost.
Ans. Hey you can get Magicjack from Amazon. If you buy One magicjack, it will cost you around $39.95 (Amazon price) but if you buy two Magicjack from Amazon then you can get both for just $79.90

Hey I am going for Magicjack.

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January 29, 2013 at 12:14 AM

I am living in Albama (us) But mostly I use to call India for my personal as well as for business purpose. So can anyone suggest me how to makeunlimited calls to India , It would be help full for me.

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