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Free text reminders : SMS it before you forget it.


It is quite common when you read an article and want it to send it to your friends. Or while traveling you are reminded of something very important and you would like to get back to it.

Now, that's quite possible with Kwiry. With Kwiry you can set text reminders to your computer with your cell phone. When you see it, just text it before you forget it.

Very nice explained concept on Kwiry website with example. Let me put it forward to you.

  • You're walking to meet friends and you see a poster for the new Alicia Keys album you want.
  • Text alicia keys to 59479 (K-W-I-R-Y). (Kwiry is free, but your standard text message rates still apply.)
  • Next time you're at a computer, open the e-mail from kwiry (or log into to see search results for Alicia Keys.

Unfortunately service is available to people in USA only. But atleast they can try this cool Kwiry service and let us know their views about it.
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