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Here are just a few of the companies that are making some real leaps in working in this VOIP technology:

Jajah. This VoIP provider has really been a major leader in developing and improving the click-to-call widget. The biggest news has been their partnership with VoIP provider Jangl which in turn teamed up with online dating site PlentyOfFish to offer click-to-call widgets to the online dating world. Another neat Jajah feature is that they have a Firefox extension that creates a click-to-call button for your web browser that lets you easily call any number that you see advertised on a website.
Jaxtr. This VoIP service provider got a lot of attention before Jajah hit the stage. Their button actually says, “call me free!” which is a plus in getting new folks to give you a call.
TringMe. TringMe lets you place your widgets on almost any site that you can customize yourself. This means that if you have a blog (whether it’s WordPress, blogger or something else), you can let people call you through it. You can also get contacted by Facebook friends and eBay buyers.
GrandCentral. This VoIP service doesn’t get as much attention as it should which is kind of surprising considering that it’s a Google service. Their WebCall widget can be customized to some degree and you can use their online platform to block, screen and control calls.
eStara. Although most business VoIP providers do offer something like the click-to-call widget, eStara’s system really stands out from the crowd. Their tracking services and other business features make them perfect for companies of any size from the solo entrepreneur to the big business.
Ifbyphone. This is another business click-to-call provider. It offers a neat feature which is that the click-to-call button it has can be inserted not only into websites and blogs but also into PowerPoint presentations, pdf documents and Microsoft Word.
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