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Unlimited free calls to India by Ringplus : call free from USA, Itlay

Ringplus unlimited free calls to India.
Ringplus a voip provider is offering unlimited free calls to many destination from Itlay and USA. You can use Ringplus to call India, Pakistan (not sure of Pakistan, please check) for free.

RingPlus offers Free international and national long distance phone calls. You don't require any credit card, and free calls are direct phone to phone. (No Pc to Phone calling, no internet require for free calling..)

How is Ringplus making money..?
They replace the ring tone you normally hear with ads, and let the advertiser pay the bill.


Call will lasts for 5-6 minutes, after that you can call again. This way make unlimited free calls to anywhere in world for free.

1. To register, click on the free call button on the homepage of Ringplus.
2. Register with ringplus with a valid email id.
3. Verify by clicking a confrimation
4. You will get a Pin code and password.
5. To make the call dial the access number listed on their website.
6. Dial the five digit account number when asked, followed by your four digit PIN.
7. Finally dial the ISD (India, Pakistan number).

Follow the instruction properly and you should be able to make unlimited free calls worldwide.

For international calls dial by following the country code with (011) and the number you wish to call (e.g. dial 011-49-24-23455).

Can I make an international call from outside the United States?
At this moment you can make international calls from inside the United States, Switzerland (Bellinzona and Lausanne) and Milan, Italy.

Is this really free?
Yes this is 100% free. You will not be charge or billed for using Ringplus system. The only charge you will incur is that required to call the access number you are dialing whether that be mobile minutes or long distance. You only pay the fees to connect your phone to Ringplus local access numbers. All other long distance or international fees are free.

Enjoy unlimited free calling...!!
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February 13, 2009 at 8:56 PM

i tried it.. it doesnt work. please re-check and help. thanks

February 25, 2009 at 12:02 AM

I am using Vopium since past 7th months and i am very satisfied with this service. It gives 400 minutes to call any network, both landline and mobile, in india for only USD 16.58 per month which is almost free. This service is affordable and available for more than 500 different mobiles. So you can call India from USA, EU, Australia and Canada without any hassle. I suggest you to try this too.

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