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Raketu launches click to call me service


Click to call services are becoming more and more popular. If you own a business and most of the work is done online, then this click to call service is a must for you.

Imagine a user(customer) comes to your website and you want him to reach directly to you, well one way is to give your phone number and wait for his call, another way is ask him to fill a form. How about just asking him to click a button and just talk to you. (You will get call redirected to your phone) (He won't be charged anything, so its free for him, you just pay a nominal charge). This was your number is not disclosed, additionally you get a customer.

Many other website owners, and many other people (on social networking websites), hole a chance to connect to other people (actually talk to them).

Raketu has launched its click to call service. With Click-to-CallMe, you can setup Raketu so that a user can simply click and make a call to the number of your choice - through any browser without a download. You can embed the Click-to-CallMe widget on your website, homepage, profile in your favorite social networking or dating site, online want-ads. You can embed a text or image link directly on to web pages or in email signatures.

You can use Raketu click to call service -:
  • In your Social Networking/Dating Profile:
  • On your Sales/Information website:
  • In your Online Want-Ads, Sales and Auction sites:
  • Email signatures.

You can even setup the phone number to dial, display name and the display description. Your Raketu profile picture is used in the Click-To-CallMe widget.

Overall, a good facility for blog/websites owners. I just hope more such click to call service like Raketu come into the market.

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January 10, 2009 at 2:35 PM

Another solution is the web-based softphone on (doddle) where you can choose your VoIP provider.

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