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$120,000 phone bill : Voip Hacked (small Perth business)


Reading an online magazine, I came across this article stating that "Voip hackers runs up a phone bill worth $120,000".

The news is from Perth, Australia where a bunch of Voip hackers breached th PBX of a small business company in perth. They have costed the company a phone bill worth $120,000. Actually hackers made about 1100 phone calls in just 46 hourss costing this much to the company.

The small business company came to know about this hack only when their phone company alerted them about it.

Above act clearly shows that Voip system is not fully secured. If you run a business (use voip), then you should be taking all precuations so that such a thing don't happens with you.

Apart from this, voip also suffers in regard to privacy and security. By some means, it is possible that someone might be overhearing your phone calls.

But this does not mean that you stop using voip and switch back to your normal phones (they are also not secure). Its a major task for voip company to make their system secure and hck proof.
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