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GooberCall : 35 Minutes Free phone Calls


With increasing voip providers in the market, it has become a necessity for voip providers to offer its users some free calls or minutes initially.

Gobercall has recently launched its voip service in the market, and to make a good customer base they are giving away free 35 minutes for sign up. Though this gobercall service is available in limited countries, however if its there in your country, you can place call to any destination.

Gobercall is a basically a Phone to Phone service. its similar to services like mo-call, Yeigo etc. They give their mobile voip application for download.

How does it work?

Register and the gooberCall software will be sent automatically via SMS to your cell phone. When registering you'll receive a starting credit as a present. You can try it immediatly for free!

1. The software is for free.
2. This software won't need an internet connection to transmit the number (just once WAP for set up).

Most of the phones are supported by gobercall, however you may check their faq section to find if your phone is supported or not.

There are two types of costs that (may) incur when using gooberCall.

  1. You place a landline connection to their server – this is the number that you (or the software) dial before entering the actual destination phone number. This call will be charged by your operator as a regular landline call – costs depend on your cell phone contract.
  2. You are transmitted to your destination phone number. This connection will charge your gooberCall credit according to their price-list.
There is definitely some money to be saved in this offer, you may first use their 35 free minutes to test this service.

For more info, visit Gobercall.
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