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Make Free Phone Calls Using Internet : Adphone

Hi readers
Another free voip provider is giving away Free voip phone calls using your pc. All it requires is a internet connection, Pc, headset/microphone and speakers.

, one of the major voip providers is giving 30 Minutes of Free VOIP Phone calls to fixed/landline numbers. These are Free pc to phone calls. You can download their free softphone from their website.

So how it works and why are they giving free calls.

First, you download and install ADPHONE on your windows PC.
Then, you create a username and activate your account by verifying your email address.
Then, you start ADPHONE on your PC, put on your headset and dial a phone number.

When calling landlines phones they give you 30 free minutes every day.
They can give you the free minutes, because they earn money displaying visual ads during calls. I don't think these ads will bother you because these are only visual ads and they will not interfere in your talks.

You have 30 free minutes every day when calling fixed/landline phones in all countries listed below
(The first 2 minutes per call are free. You cannot call the same number for free more than once every 10 minutes)

Dail the same number after 10 minutes. It works.

Check for free countries and for more info visit their website.

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