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Peterzahlt - Free Calls from Germany to many countires

Hi guys,

This post is specially for our readers who are from Germany. Peterzahlt is offering free phone to phone calls from Germany to many countries across the globe. You need not to download any software, all the calls are initiated from their website. You just have to enter your Germany phone number, then the number you want to call ( many countries are included). Click Call. They will first call you, and then your destination.

The site is in German, so I was not able to know more about the service, but yeh the service surely works, this has been confirmed by many of my friends in Germany.

For more info, and make Free phone to phone calls from Germany to Germany and rest of the world check Peterzahlt.
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March 5, 2008 at 3:38 AM

I couldn't believe that phone calls could be that cheap from the mobile.
I joined and I feel I'm getting my freedom giving up Skype
Thank you Global1Touch

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